Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ken Mercado 7ee43ab462 Added gevent 6 months ago
  Bernhard 072a8bb66c Multiprocessing Windows fix 6 months ago
  Adeel c7b0dc9644 Task 1 Changes 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl b446342c91 Multiprocessing Windows Fix spawn module 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl 01eb6374b8 new CLI and UI-Call 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl 6afe0a0a9c Remove CustTestRun from baangt main module 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl b1dd8c9b1d BaangtUI - first steps 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl a4d84ec8ab ExportResults fixed to accept custom path 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl 5b0c63e28c globals.json to overwrite/define settings 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl 0972b51a84 as Main program, removed and replaced by simpler Moved all memory to 8 months ago
  bernhardbuhl 27175b4db7 Lots of Package-Imports corrected 8 months ago