Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bernhardbuhl b4f9b3b065 Fix xdg-open syntax for files (without " as in Windows/Mac) 2 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl 15f424cbfd Change TestRunFile to be always without base path (to work on linux) 3 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl f4e18d5252 Improved logging for filenames 3 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl a78116ad42 More logging for filenames 3 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl fdccb0eb1c Change TestRunFile to be always without base path (to work on linux) 4 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl 2d9aeef5fe Bump version: 1.1.13 → 1.1.14 5 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl 1047cbeb18 Updated download of FF Browser Drivers 5 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl 0fc57efb06 Better log for Browserdriver download 7 hours ago
  bernhardbuhl 6e8b2593b2 Return "True" if conditions active (easier for Subclassing) 5 days ago
  bernhardbuhl 84a8e9a846 Typo fixed 6 days ago
  bernhardbuhl d4daae42c9 Bump version: 1.1.12 → 1.1.13 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 286e3d1d95 Catch Schwifty error on Ubuntu 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 770cfba6b2 Bump version: 1.1.11 → 1.1.12 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 4f07574771 Refactor for easier subclassing 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 43621a6b50 IBAN via Faker if Schwifty fails (on Linux) 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 3e2f5161e4 Replace xlrd with xlrd3 to fix memory leak 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 36895c48f9 Fix optional in ForceText Method 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 8e963156ca Bump version: 1.1.10 → 1.1.11 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl dcc5a8efb2 pyQT5 fix version number for Linux 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 7f7d865a8f Bump version: 1.1.9 → 1.1.10 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 7cf6328ebf qt5 fixed version to 5.14.2 b/c of ubuntu 5.15.0 doesn't work 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 7a2d2c343c Bump version: 1.1.8 → 1.1.9 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 2ba8c1b7df Atlassian added 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 1df17bdfb0 Bump version: 1.1.7 → 1.1.8 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 33f5600a45 ForceTextIF-Feature 1 week ago
  bernhardbuhl 9313769241 Fix for silent exceptions when TestStep is invalid 1 week ago
  Akash Singh 028322ab4b Endif bug resolved 2 weeks ago
  bernhardbuhl 39613688c4 Filename from globals and better error messages 3 weeks ago
  bernhardbuhl 5d06eefc64 Better error messages 3 weeks ago
  bernhardbuhl 8722a6d049 External filename via globals-file 3 weeks ago